EnergyTS is fortunate to be able to boast a wealth of experience and leading expertise amongst its staff and management.  These are:

Stuart Brooker – Chairman and shareholder.  Stuart has been involved with EnergyTS since 2005 when he acquired a shareholding from the late Armour Mitchell.  Stuart has enjoyed a very successful business career that has included being the CEO of Brookers – at the time the second largest international legal publishing company.  Stuart is also involved in a number of other SME enterprises and as the Chairman of EnergyTS, he brings a depth of expertise in prudent business management and ensures the business meets all of its financial and social obligations.

Dennis Rowe – Company Director and shareholder.  Dennis has been involved with EnergyTS since 2005 when he acquired a shareholding from the late Armour Mitchell.  Dennis is involved with a number of other start up businesses and has been a business mentor and coach to a number of successful enterprises.  Dennis’s background includes as the CEO of a large IT publicly listed company (CCL Group), which means he is very familiar with the business space EnergyTS and e-Bench® operates within.

Geoff Bennett – Chief Executive, Company Director and shareholder.  Geoff is one of the original business founders and is also the architect behind e-Bench®.  Prior to establishing EnergyTS, Geoff ran a successful UK facilities management consultancy.  Geoff is an electrical engineer and he brings this expertise to the energy and utility management arena.  Geoff is also active in the Energy Management Association of New Zealand, where he holds a position on the Executive Committee.  Geoff also represents NZ on the World Energy Council Subcommittee for Markets and Risk Management.

Iain Matcham – Company Director, shareholder and e-Bench® Lead Developer.  Iain has been involved with EnergyTS and e-Bench® since 2001.  In early 2010, Iain acquired a shareholding in ETSL and was appointed to the EnergyTS Board.  Whilst not a direct EnergyTS employee, Iain has been involved with the development of e-Bench® since its inception in 2001.  Iain has a keen interest in GIS development and has spent over ten years working with systems including GIS functionality predominantly in the science arena.  As development team leader at GNS Science, Iain was responsible for overall system design and construction for systems across the company.  Iain resigned from his role at GNS Science in early 2008 to create his own specialised IT company called Jumbletree where he continues to design and construct science and engineering information systems.

Robb Morison – Client Data & Report Manager.  Robb joined EnergyTS in 2003 after many years working as a mechanic.  Robb is responsible for managing the interface between e-Bench® and the various clients and retailers to ensure data is provided in a timely manner and that this data is populated into e-Bench™.  Robb is also responsible for ensuring clients are able to get value out of e-Bench® and is always happy and willing to assist clients in achieving this, including managing on-line training sessions.

Kathryn Wright – Administration and Accounts.  Kathryn joined EnergyTS in February 2014, having previously been employed as an Industrial Chemist working with both oil and paints, and more recently as a commercial and residential Property Manager. Kathryn is responsible for the smooth running of the administrative and accounting elements of the business and maintaining and updating the website.

Daniel Reed - Business Analyst and Projects. Daniel initially joined EnergyTS in in June 2013 as a Projects Administrator and Data Analyst whilst a student. Having completed a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting and Commercial law in 2015, Daniel joined EnergyTS full time in March 2016. Daniel is responsible for maintaining e-Calc™ software package and clients, providing support to employees using e-Bench® software package as well as providing analytical and financial analysis to projects, ranging from energy tenders to implementation of organisation wide energy management systems. Daniel is in the process of completing the EMANZ Energy Manager Professional course, receiving accreditation for this early 2017.

Taro Ishida - Data Analyst. Taro joined EnergyTS in March 2015 and is currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Information Systems. Taro is responsible for data administration in e-Bench®.